Valentine's cat portrait of Darcy and Lizzy


“Set out a saucer of milk, dear
And lend me your ears for a while…
I’ll tell you The Tail of the Cat Folk,
Those fur-faced shape-shifters of guile.

I’ll paint you a fine, feline portrait
Of a creature in trappings and togs,
Who mingles with peasants and gentry.
For a patron seat, he pettifogs.

I’ll acquaint you with toms in tuxedos,
Dainty calicoes collared in lace,
Sporting tabbies in brass regimentals…
A club of good breeding and grace.

You may find my story outlandish.
“Cats,” you say, “can’t wear clothes or drink tea.”

Then look at your face in the glass, dear.
Two cats, perceive…
….Aye, you and me.”

~ written by TaraFly, June 9th, 2011