Regency Cat Bookmarks, original artwork by TaraFly

My Regency Cat portraits are now available as bookmarks, trimmed in ribbon and lace, for sale in both my Etsy shop and locally in Funkstown, Maryland ~ at The Guten Tag, a family owned gift-shop in Historic Town Center.

I mentioned The Guten Tag back in April, when I began selling my framed prints of Mr. Darcy Cat and Redcoat Soldier Cat there.

I’ve been thinking of ways to expand my selection of goods, and Michelle from TrueBookAddict on Blogspot suggested bookmarks as the purrfect compliment to cat characters inspired by classic novels! ūüėČ

These are created with reproduction prints of my artwork – the same quality prints I sell in my shop, using K3 UltraChrome pigment ink and Ultra Premium Presentation paper.
I’ve taken decorative cardstock found in scrapbooking stores and adhered it to the backside of each art print, using Modge Podge decoupage glue.

I applied a couple thick coats of acrylic varnish, let it dry, and punched a hole in the top for threading a bit of lace or ribbon.

Creating bookmarks featuring my Regency Cat artwork, Mr Darcy Cat bookmark

When I stopped by The Guten Tag to visit Jessica Synder, the shoppe’s owner, to deliver my bookmarks and chat a bit… we discussed upcoming holiday merchandising ideas.
She loves to deck the store floor to ceiling with ornaments, so I’ve decided to begin a special portrait series based on Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker Ballet, which will be featured on Christmas ornaments! ūüėČ

I thought it would be fitting for Clara Cat and the feline Nutcracker Prince to battle an evil Mouse King! Bwahaha

They will most likely begin as original paintings, which I’ll reproduce onto the ornaments, allowing people to collect the full set. They will be available during the holidays both in my Etsy shop and locally at The Guten Tag.

I brought my camera along during this visit, and Jess graciously allowed me to wander the shop and take photographs of all the treasures!

iron metal dressform with crochet snowflakes and tags

I drooled over the wire dressforms, stone urns, statuary, garden obelisks, and bird-cages. I also loved the creative ways in which she showcases her items, arranging random finds into beautiful and elegantly coordinated collections.

Golden goblet, obelisk, light, mirror reflection, photograph by TaraFly.

My Flickr slideshow of photographs will give you a taste of what you might find inside The Guten Tag gift-shoppe; it’s definitely worth checking out in person!

And of course, remember to ask “How much for that Darcy in the window?”…. ūüėČ

homemade cheese bread loaf for garlic bread toast

Delicious Homemade Cheese Bread that tastes great with garlic sprinkle and butter!

I must be having a breakdown of some kind. And I think everyone else in my family has realized it before I finally did. I’ve been acting completely out of character to the point of being unrecognizable to those who know me best.

Usually when I’m under stress, I escape into a creative zone and avoid anything work related. That includes a boycott on domestic chores in favor of a good novel, a melodramatic mini-series on BBC, or an afternoon spent painting and “crafting”.

It’s no secret that I’ve never been domestically inclined to begin with; both my previous husbands would looove to attest to it. Neither was I content to live in complete and utter squalor, so I would find the strength to occasionally vacuum the carpet or throw a few loads of laundry into the machine.

I loved to bake, and hated to cook.
I didn’t mind folding clothes, but loathed putting them away.
Don’t get me started on ironing… what’s the point?
And dishes would be stubbornly left to sit for days in the sink.

Having worked in a variety of retail/food service/housekeeping jobs where mopping floors, washing and sanitizing dishes, and scrubbing surfaces were a huge portion of my daily requirements… it made coming home to more¬†dishes and grungy floors a depressing inevitability.

Last year, significant and profound things began happening to me.
Well, obviously, I gave birth to Jacob in April (2009)… but my role shifted from being a full-time, workaholic retail grocery manager who also happened to be a mom, to being a “homemaker” and nurturing caregiver.

A few short years ago, I would’ve scoffed at the notion of being a stay-at-home mother. Not that I devalue what it represents, as some of my earliest role
models were primarily homemakers with creative side outlets (like my grandmother, the published poet).
But as I admitted initially, I wasn’t cut from the same cloth… or so I thought.
I avoided those dreaded high school Home Economics courses like the Black Plague. I got itchy hives even thinking about quilting and crocheting.

Although, when I could no longer identify myself by a professional job title, it dawned on me that I needed to take ownership of my own home.
That is why I’ve jumped into this domesticity deal with both feet, plunged in up to my thighs.

I feel a new sense of pride and accomplishment from seeing an empty laundry hamper, a recently mopped kitchen floor, and squeaky clean children munching on their tuna fish sandwiches.. just as much as I felt after setting Thanksgiving salesfloor displays, printing 480 price signs, and straightening out inventory discrepancies.

homemade pancakes with maple syrup and butter

Our usual breakfast, made from scratch with love and lots of syrup

The idea to sell my paintings and become an entrepreneur came about as a result of identity crisis, needing to find a creative expression with which to
motivate me beyond the dirty diapers and piles of dishes… I had always wanted to run my own retail business, and had done some research awhile ago when I
couldn’t decide between opening a bakery, an arts/crafts supply store, a bookstore, a cat-themed gift shop, or some bizarre combination of food, art, books, and cats.

Ironically, now that my artwork is beginning to find its market and sales have increased, what was once an outlet to escape from work has now become the work. I have difficulty staying focused as pressure demands that I prepare for the holidays, create new lines… (everyone has their calendars designed and printed except me), advertise, apply for winter shows, and so forth.

I find myself embracing the domestic lifestyle even more, and mundane housechores have become my new retreat.
The stress manifests itself as a sparking house. I convince myself that laundry, dishes, and vacuuming are vital, when in fact, it’s just another form of

Last week, I had an unconscious breakdown while starting my Jane Bennet portrait… suddenly, I developed an urge to create a line of stuffed animals based upon my Regency Cats. Instead of putting this cute but unfeasible notion on the back-burner, I dropped everything to scour the internet for doll patterns.

One thing to remember: I don’t sew. And I can’t follow a pattern to save my life. I think in finished terms.. I envision a piece fully completed, and then dissect it
to figure out how it was constructed. If I were an architect, I would draw a house. Not a blueprint.
Blueprints and dress patterns are written in Greek… no wait, I can actually read bits of Greek, so they might as well be written in Mandarin Chinese.

sketches for a stuffed cat doll in regency dress

See, aren't my patterns easy to understand? ūüėČ

I sketched this design for a doll, and this drawing make perfect sense to me. No fancy terms required. I dug into my bag of never-to-be-worn-again-but-too-sentimental-to-discard clothing, and pulled out a sweater and a tank top. The sweater was cut into cat pieces, and the tank top will become her dress when I’m done.

Right now, she’s lacking ears, a face, hair, and missing her skirt… oh, she needs more cotton to stuff her tummy and head.

handsewn stuffed cat in process

My semi-stuffed cat (and chocolate pillow by TwoStrayCats)

I’m doing this completely by hand, and it’s taking forever (well, over a week so far)… because I still have a deathly fear of sewing machines and needles
that move faster than my blinking eye.

My family is in utter shock that I am sewing at all. I vowed never to sew… but Lydia is excited about the possibility of wearing custom dresses.
We actually went shopping for patterns. I grabbed a couple that were marked “For Beginners”, and realized after perusing them at home, that I must be in a category ranking beneath a beginner. What is that anyway? Are there Sewing for Dummy patterns?

Apparently, beginners should already understand phrases like: “stay-stitch bodice front and back neck edges..” (the very first step!), know how to “clip curves” and “baste¬†armholes”.

Does that mean to keep your armholes moist in their own juices…
ya know, like basting chicken? Ewwwww.
What’s up with¬†the long, confusing¬†paragraph describing how to apply the zipper?!¬† How hard could it possibly¬†be…¬†but… what in¬†heaven’s name¬†¬†is zipper tape?
How about I just tape the whole¬†crappy thing together… I’d use fusible web for that, right?

My cat doll doesn’t have a pattern or instructions; I just cut the cloth freestyle, and can’t tell you whether I’m basting or stay-stitching anything.
But they are meticulously tiny, thanks to a few attempts at cross-stitch (hey, I do know the meaning of that!), I’ve learned to make even rows of little 1/8″ stitches.

I’m not sure how well this project will turn out.. I’m using nylon upholstery thread and will let the children test-drive the finished doll for durability…
but hopefully the sheer primitiveness of hand-sewing a toy will cure me of this procrastination, and I can return to doing what I know well.

And then my family will be forced to eat TV dinners again, and wear the same pair of pants for three days in a row. ūüėČ

Transfer Darcy Cat onto my navy shirt.

Mr. Darcy on the front; scripted logo on the back...

A few weeks ago, Lily from TwoStrayCats introduced a line of printed pillows that got my mind whirring… I approached her about the possibility of collaborating with me on a series of pillows featuring my artwork, because I’d like to expand myself but can’t sew a lick.
Wait, that didn’t make sense… can anyone sew a lick? If there was a way to sew your tongue to the fabric, I would probably find it. ūüėõ¬†¬†

Anyway… instead of jumping at the chance to make extra work for herself, she suggested that I use heat transfer paper with my fancy printer to create my own fabric line. It sounded like a wonderful idea… except that I would still need to purchase pillows ready-made for the experiment, and it felt like cheating. Well, to me it does.¬†
It got me thinking about my old idea to add my artwork to T-shirts, whether to sell or simply to wear around the neighborhood as a form of quiet self-promotion. Lord knows I need some help in that department; I have a tendency to shoot myself in the feet every time the opportunity arises to market myself.  

A couple of weeks ago, I was out in public.. (yes really, I was OUT in public!).. and I had a handmade notebook with me to jot down some notes for my last blog about picture-hoarding. I had designed the notebook cover to display a print of my work, and was feeling pleased with myself for the shameless plug. 

¬†So an older gentleman approaches me and inquires whether I’m a writer.
Immediately, my mouth opens and I say,
“No, I’m just making a few notes in my journal.”
And he shrugs and walks away. *kick, curse, kick* 

¬†It would’ve been the perfect opportunity to say,
“Why yes, I do write. I’m currently adapting Jane Austen and I also chronicle the experience of owning my own business and selling my artwork… see this journal cover? That’s an original of mine.”
Why is it that we always think of the appropriate thing to say 15 minutes after the moment passes?  

I got back in the car, and headed for home… driving is an excellent activity for brainstorming, although the state troopers would probably reprimand me for saying that, as it is technically distracted driving, and I’ve missed turns on more than one occasion when my mind was elsewhere engaged.¬†

¬†I began mulling over why I tend to unconsciously sabotage my own efforts. And I came to this realization… I must hate myself. No, seriously. I must have some deep self-loathing that seeks to punish itself for an imaginary offense. There is no other way to explain the situations I’ve found myself involved with, the bad relationships, the dead-end jobs, the constant put-downs… I tell myself I can’t sew. Have I ever really tried? Other than to mend a button or ripped sleeve, I haven’t attempted to follow a pattern since grade school, when I created Frankenstein’s nightgown and swore off sewing forever.¬†¬†

¬†I should treat myself with respect, look after my best interests, and supportively work with myself as a team … all those management seminars and motivational speeches that retail associates are forced to endure came back to haunt me, and what I saw in the rearview mirror was a terrible employee. In fact, I wanted to fire myself, and hire someone with a Can-Do attitude.¬†

¬† I could very easily travel back in time and point the blame at my father, mother, teacher, or religious leader… somewhere along the line, someone probably failed to
respond to my emotional needs, and instilled this self-depreciating behaviour within me. However, “the devil made me do it” has never been in my repertoire, and neither
has “I had a rough childhood” or “everybody picked on me”. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether we’re dealt a crappy hand, we still need to play them to our advantage
and make our lives work for us. I’m not a victim of circumstance; the only person holding me down is myself.¬†¬†

¬†I dug into my closet the other day, and realized I didn’t own any plain cotton T-shirts for practicing with heat transfers. Everything was patterned, printed, ruffled,
and textured. So on my next grocery trip, I made a stop at the evil super center’s apparel dept. for some clearance love, and found a few plain tees marked down to $3 a piece… the perfect price for my experiment.
Of course, each time I walk through the automatic doors, I’m bombarded by well-meaning co-workers who inquire¬†after my children’s growth and how I’m acclimating to “being a stay-at-home mom”. I’m sure that I’ve mentioned my art business to a few of them, but everyone seems to have forgotten that I do much more with my newfound “free time” than change diapers and watch cartoons.
The company would have sucked my soul and creative passion if I had continued down their “Pathway To Success”, and by no means did I regret the decision to align my career goals with my personal vision. So why did I keep an armful of old work uniforms hanging in the closet? Is it merely a visual reminder of where I came from, to keep me motivated, or is that self-destructive mentality taunting me… “You’ll need those uniforms eventually, when you FAIL.”
…Those navy blue, cotton T-shirts… hanging like lynched corpses… the wearers of whom have watched their dreams being executed for the sake of a steady-but-barely-scraping paycheck and group health insurance.¬†¬†

 Plain navy. 

You know, my Darcy Cat would look awesome against a navy background. You take the cards you are dealt and make them work for you… including the remnants of a job that couldn’t confine my individuality. My inner voice was right – I will be wearing those old uniforms again. This time, however, when a shirt defines who I am, it will be a reflection of pride.¬†

Artist TaraFly wearing her custom Mr Darcy Cat t-shirt

Click to view the work-in-progress pics on Flickr! ūüôā

Romantic Mr. Darcy Cat art

Mr. Darcy Romances Lizzy with a Rose

Valentine’s Day is an excuse to wear red clothes that don’t flatter your complexion, indulge in chocolate candy and $40 bouquets of dying flowers, and decorate your hearth and home with construction-paper hearts symbolizing the everlasting Love you have for your spouse and family… although paper by nature is not everlasting, so perhaps we should signify our love for each other by building pyramids with limestone blocks.¬†

I don’t buy “themed” merchandise usually. My mother gave me Rudolph the Reindeer pajamas one Christmas, and I wear them throughout the year… because they’re comfortable and I can’t stand the idea of a decent pair of unworn PJs taking up valuable space in my lingerie drawer. (Though I’d have more room if I gave away all the unworn jewelry hiding underneath the PJs)
I’m perhaps the world’s biggest advocate of buying a generic red shirt that can earn its place in my closet. Seasonally appropriate in December, February, and July, it works equally well any time of year.¬†

Unfortunately, retailers are especially notorious for grabbing anything red or heart-related off the back shelves to display prominently in the aisles, and slapping huge Valentine’s Day signage all over it. Okay, I think we’re smart enough to know that red toasters and coat-hangers aren’t traditional gifts… although some hopelessly romantic soul could put a creative spin on just about any lame attempt to commercialize:
“I want to spent the rest of my life with you, waking up each morning to the aroma of your strawberry Pop-Tarts, and hanging my coat and hat in our shared closet each night.”¬†

And here’s a red toothbrush, because it’s sexy to watch you brush your teeth each morning…
What about this bottle of Heart-Health vitamin supplements? Because I want to share forever with you! 

My friend Lily, a.k.a TwoStrayCats on Etsy, and I were discussing her adorable stuffed gnomes¬†the other night. If you haven’t visited her shop yet, you should take a peek at her pillows. Here is one of my favorites, featuring a silhouette of Emily Bronte:

Emily Bronte pillow cover

Emily Bronte pillow cover by TwoStrayCats

Lily gave me a link to another seller’s shop to check out their stuffed dolls, but alas, I was immediately distracted by¬†the shop’s first listing… for a Valentine’s Day burp cloth. Because milk should be¬†vomited onto a fashionable holiday rag.
Somehow, I can’t see myself digging for the special red floral felt at 3:00am, when Jake wakes hungrily, just to put me in the spirit of love. I’ll probably grab an old shirt from the laundry pile, a washcloth from the bathroom shelf, or just take my chances that he might spit-up on Rudolph.¬†

Apparently three pages worth of Etsians¬†believe we need a special cloth for the occasion… and it made me curious to see what other necessary items I’m lacking. So I did a “Valentine’s Day” search on Etsy, and with over 2,200 page results (in the handmade category¬†alone), there were quite a few surprises.¬†

The Puff-Ball dress… which can be paired with “a leather jacket, cardigan, or keep it simple with black tights.” …(I want more pictures, please! Can we see it on a real model?)

Dress created from felted pom-pom balls

Puff-Ball Dress by somedaynewyorker

This purple cowl… that reminded me of a crocheted alien centipede. OMG! It just devoured that poor woman’s head!

purple crocheted cowl by innovationdesign

crocheted purple cowl by innovationdesign

A Cell Phone Bag, photographed on the couch. Because couches and wine breed romance!

cell-phone bag by annjauquetdesigns

cell-phone bag by annjauquetdesigns

I’m so excited! Thanks to folks eager to capitalize on my apparel impaired-ness, I’ve found the perfect sexy outfit for a night out on the town! Check off: Puff dress, cowl, and bag… now I just need the right shoes to complete The Look.¬†

Excellent! These will coordinate beautifully!

pompom shoes by KirstyMcKenzie on Etsy

Pompom Pollini Heels by KirstyMcKenzie on Etsy

I also came across some inspiring gift ideas… this OOAK¬†flower vase is quite a bargain at $5, reduced from $7!

decoupage vase from Karmascrafts

decoupaged vase from Karmascrafts

And this guy… is selling something “torched” for Valentine’s… can you guess which hand it’s in?

torched ring by LFJewelryDesigns

"Torched" by LFJewelryDesigns

Now these would make awesome tongue-in-cheek¬†VD party announcements – that’s VD for Valentine’s Day, y’all – with a tag included that reads: “You’ve been invited… to Bite my A$$.”

G-string sugar cookies by Baked

G-string sugar cookies by Baked

And my personal favorite is this heart-chomping dinosaur card, because great minds think alike:

Dinosaur valentine by ObeseCatFactory

Dinosaur valentine by ObeseCatFactory

After your chocolates have been consumed, and the dead flowers and crumpled hearts have been tossed¬†in the garbage, you might find yourself sitting at your desk with an empty feeling. I encourage you to browse the vast bowels of Etsy… uncover the oddities therein… thousands of handcrafted treasures to make next years’ Valentine’s – The Day to Remember.¬†

(psst, if you dress yourself Etsy-style, I wanna see pictures!)

Lily is spending most of her time keeping him company, since he is locked inside a cage now (to keep from injuring himself further).
She posted a few notes on Etsy to update us:

“We spent an hour talking with our vet, Dr. Deb of Innisfail Vet Services, about Sam’s condition ~ she had an extensive consultation with the specialist surgeon in Red Deer, Alberta regarding the operation to move Sam’s pelvis/hips and pin the bones …

The surgeon has decided that we should wait one week before operating on Sam ~ he said that he has weighed up the operation versus the possible complications of the operation and wants to see if there is any chance that the bones will “fuse” themselves in the position that they are in ~ there are pluses and minuses to both situations and now it is a waiting game to see how Sam does.”

The cause of injuries was due to massive force to his rear-end, “causing his whole pelvis area and part of his spine to move forward considerably”. Basically, a dirt-bag kicked him in the butt… HARD.

“[The vets] believe that it was inflicted by someone kicking him, not a vehicle or other animal as there was no external damage, fur loss, bite or puncture wounds to the area ~
Sam is an incredibly friendly boy, trusts everyone and will go to anyone for a pet.
Unfortunately it seems like he trusted or tried to befriend the wrong person this time.”

The wonderful folks of Etsy have really pulled together on behalf of Lily’s cat, Sam. I am blessed to belong to such an amazing group of crafters!

Here is a list of sellers who are actively donating sales profits towards Sammy’s care:

MoLStationery: 65% of all MoL book sales and 75% of all graphics sales.. plus matching donations by 50%

Chicadolly & Faeriegood: 25% of all sales profits this week

GenuineArticle & GenuineArt: 50% of the proceeds from both Etsy shops

Glasscircus: 25% of sales

Aztek721: 50% of any photo sales

Adornyourself: 100% of the purchase price of a mug

Dearange: 100% of the purchase price of Fancy Wearables (as seen on Sammy and Koru)

LittleJumpingBeans: 40% of all the sales from shoes this weekend

WindandHoney: 15% of September’s sales

Deersprite: 10% of all sales (pre-shipping) until the end of September, off the REGULAR price. (If you mention “Sammy” in the message to seller, she will also give you a 10% discount – but Sammy will still get the 10% of the original price.)

Laurart: 15% for each sale. (She will donate an extra 5% if the customer mentions in the note how they’ve helped shed light on this animal in need, via Twitter or blogging.)

Meherio68: 50 % of all sales from now on and until the end of September.

Sybillinart: 50% of the sales of her cat related items.

Asecondtime: profits from the sales of “Dirty Paw Pendant” and “Dirty Bone Pendant”.

LuminousDreamDesigns: profit from the sale of “Bulbous Bertha (Woodland Bird)” prints.

TheBeadedHound: 10% of sales for the rest of the month.

GreyTDogz: proceeds from the sale of Custom Pet Themed Digital Photo Page.

RayneeDeigh: 40% of all sales before shipping.

As well as “The Letter” and “Mr. Darcy” print sales from my Etsy shop, (my two most popular prints ..and Lily’s favorite pieces!)

So many great shops are involved! With Christmas just around the corner, why not start your holiday shopping early… pick up a handcrafted goody for someone special, and help someone in need!

This list may be updated/revised… you can check out this forum thread on Etsy for an current list of participating sellers (and updates from Lily).

Etsy featured Melaniefaveau’s bread tag jewelry¬†last night, and the sheer quirkiness of the idea inspired me to actually compose a blog. Wow! That must’ve been some muse, huh? Actually, I’ve long been a fan of casting simple foods in a strange light… harking back to my “Ghost in the Pot Roast” days.
In high school, my best friend and I had a series of jokes pertaining to food.
Peanut butter was the code name for a guy I liked, she composed a poem entitled “Celery String Shampoo”, together we began writing a play called “We’ll Kill Them with Cheese Crackers”, and we nicknamed ourselves “The Potato and the Carrot”, ingredients in the Pot Roast Ghost. Funny, even then, Carolyn’s vegan side won out, because the Pot Roast was meat-less. LOL

Of course, it’s no surprise I find plenty of humor from the years I’ve spent working retail in grocery stores… so a blog about The Fabulous Food Humor of Etsy was right up my alley!

Here are Melanie’s Bread Tags

(the “expiration date” is customizable, and necklaces are also available)

Browsing The Grocery Aisles of Etsy

A T-Bone Steak pillow by Zaennabanana. She also sells round-eye pillows… and meat ornaments!

Meatloaf TV dinner pendant by ItsAllAboutThePrint.

Fortune Cookie slippers by Sushibooties. For folks like me, who hang out in our PJs all day… and the “fortune” is customizable! How cool is that?!?

Blueberry pie hat by GrannysGarden123. The ice cream sundae hat, with syrup and a cherry on top, was cute too!

Cereal Necklace by Shayaaron. She makes lots of miniature food items, including noodle soup necklaces and tuna-salad sandwich stud earrings!

Of course, Etsy is huge! And there are many, many more artists creating funny food treasures who weren’t featured here. Perhaps I’ll continue this blog as a series, and title it “Wednesday’s Dinner Night with Etsy” LOL!

I recall my only foray into designer food jewelry..

I was working my customer service job at Ben Frankin Crafts, where I found daily inspiration to indulge my creative urges. It was through that job and the encouragement of my co-workers, that I first stepped outside my traditional painting niche, to explore embroidery, floral and wreath arranging, origami, stenciling, and decoupage. I later took the series of Wilton cake decorating classes, and left BF to become a wedding cake decorator in a bakery. But I digress….
One day at work, while browsing the dollhouse miniature aisle… contemplating the amount of money and effort one can easily put into the hobby… I saw the cutest miniature, metal frying pans – complete with tiny eggs and bacon sizzling inside. There was a small hole in the handle, perfect for attaching French hoop earring wires. So I purchased two frying pans, and made myself a set of earrings as a joke.

I only wore them for a couple days, before a friend of mine took interest and wanted a pair for herself. I gave her mine. (Neither of us worried about germs and such things)… She offered to pay for them, but I didn’t take it seriously.
Looking back, I could’ve opened my Etsy shop right then, and made a fortune selling frying-pan earrings. No doubt, it’s too late now.

Wearing my handmade frying pan earrings
Here’s a blurry picture taken of me wearing the earrings. (See, already I was practicing for those Etsy thumbnails!)

Honestly, I don’t have the desire to be a jewelry seller. Aside from the fierce competition (art is competitive too!), I’m just not that into jewelry. I’ve spent alot of money on earrings and pendants over the years, and have had even more money spent on me (as gifts)… but they tend to suffer the same fate as the men in my life. I use them for a few days, and then discard them into a drawer and forget their existence. Eventually, I either give them away or lose them.
Fussing with earrings requires that additional 3 minutes of primping, that my lazy low-maintainance self just can’t seem to muster.
People are just fortunate that I care enough to brush my teeth, and shower with my luxurious handmade, Etsy soap. ūüėõ

Now, those fortune cookie slippers, on the other hand… Those are definitely on my Christmas wish list!
“Fortune warms the feet and heart” – Me