This is a video of a recent afternoon I spent in the studio with my three young children… a juggling act between trying to paint my “Persuasion” book-shaped box, and entertaining them with sketches and prints to color.
Although the video was originally 1.5 hours long, edited down to just under six minutes (by yours truly)… you can easily guess how much actual work was accomplished. 😛

Here is the “official” blog post, where I shared my thoughts on the video, and its purpose.

Why not just post the blog here on
Well, I’m glad you asked!
(Even though you didn’t… I was attempting to read your mind)

In case you’ve never visited my official website before – and you should! Just to say you’ve been there – I have another blog up and running, where I’ve been sharing the same posts.

*gasp* For shame! Breaking the Cardinal Rule of Google…. didn’t I realize it’s a mortal sin to duplicate my content?
Well…. yes and no.

I seriously doubt Google is banishing me to the depths of Shayol Ghul, although it may choose to favor this particular blog, and ignore the other.
As I get far more traffic here… little of it being relevant to my work. LOL
(Entirely my fault for rambling so often about non-work-related things! Mea culpa!)

If you’ve “discovered” me while searching for a vinegar solution to pour over your head, I’m still honored to make your acquaintance.
Really! 🙂

But trying to manage two blogs, which are virtually the same, is tedious and silly. And I don’t plan to increase the number of hours I sit at the computer, trying to compose “original content” for both blogs.

I have too many things requiring my attention in the 24 hours that God has deigned to give us…
And three things always looking to distract me…
[See above video]

So despite the insane amounts of traffic I will undoubtedly lose by abandoning this blog on WordPress…. I would like to encourage everyone who truly wants to follow my work (and my ramblings) – to hop over to my Official blog on and sign yourselves up.

I’m not quitting the blogosphere…
just relocating my energy to The Website where my presence is needed most. 😉
And I’d love for you to join me!