Guten Tag gift shoppe in Funkstown, Maryland

I shared the Good News two weeks ago with my Facebook and Twitter friends, but my blog has been distracted by other rambling thoughts lately….

I’m really quite excited to check off one major goal on my list, although technically it’s an ongoing goal… making the initial leap was quite an obstacle for reclusive little ol’ me:

I now officially have an offline presence in a real honest-to-goodness gift shoppe, The Guten Tag, which is located in the Historic Town Center of Funkstown, Maryland.

*cue the cheers* 🙂

Yes, I said Funkstown. It’s a funky little town and I gotta get down…

No? Oh well.

Actually Funkstown is a quaint, blink-and-you’re-sure-to-miss-it treasure trove of antiques, arts & crafts, garden nurseries, and Civil War landmarks.

Guten Tag of Funkstown, Maryland giftshop

Taken last autumn during my walk to the post office.

The Guten Tag is a family owned home and garden gift shoppe, managed by Jessica Snyder. It’s situated in a two-storey brick building, built in 1890, which spent 18 months under renovation before opening its doors, in the fall of 2009.

They settled on the German phrase, meaning “good day”, in honor of Funkstown’s original founder Henry Funck, a German immigrant who built the town on 88 acres of land in 1767.

The shop specializes in handmade local artisan goods, garden and patio accents, wicker furniture, plants of all kinds, and OOAK home decor accessories.
If you love shopping in thrift stores and antique malls, in search of something unusual and quirky… this shop is paradise for the eyes, and temptation for the purse.

On my initial visit to introduce myself, I walked out with a bag full of goodies!

Regency Cat Art by TaraFly, framed art at Guten Tag

Mr Darcy Cat, matted and framed, on display for sale

We both agreed that my Regency Cats would fit in beautifully with the terra-cotta pots, stone statuary, and trails of ivy. So we started with two framed prints of Mr. Darcy and a matted print of Red Coat Cat.

I have a few other ideas cooking for future goodies to showcase there… including stuffed Regency cat dolls, cat greeting cards with Jane Austen quotes, and perhaps even an original painting or two. 😉

Mr Darcy Cat in wooden frame at Guten Tag gift shop

If you live in the Hagerstown/Frederick area, and find yourself itching to go on a Saturday morning treasure hunt… I encourage you to check out Funkstown!

Park your car at the antique mall and take a walk through town, and be sure to pop in at the Guten Tag, say “Hello” to Jess… and tell her I sent you.

You might catch a glimpse of me, pulling that giant red Radio Flyer wagon full of children to the park. And if you’re really sly, you could follow me home and beg to see what’s cooking upstairs in the studio.

I might even let you take a cat home. 😉