angry artist attacking printer with hammer and saw

Threatening To Torture My Printer Unless It Surrenders...

This year, my luck has officially run out, folks.

I’m beginning to feel like the old cat trying to learn new tricks…
Okay, more like trying to jump through a hoop of fire, with my legs tied together and a blanket over my face.

It began with the transition of my website to the WordPress program, which was originally limited to a sub-folder for running my blog.

The move itself went swimmingly.

However some of the hard work I’d done, incorporating my Zazzle store merchandise into my website via the Store Builder, was rendered redundant because WordPress doesn’t recognize the program.

The Zazzle Store Builder integrated on my website

Remember these pages? They're gone.

There was a work-around, via a plug-in designed specifically for WP, which seemed easy enough to install and use.
Except it didn’t work for me…

And after reading 50+ pages of users’ questions and the standard troubleshooting responses,
and double-no-triple-checking to ensure I followed all the advice given,
I figured it was just me.

I’ve also been forced to re-write all the image links on my blog posts, because they were uploaded to my “blog/wp-content/images” sub-folder…
which no longer exists …as WP is now running the entire site and not just a single folder. :/

Half of my images are still broken… because I get caught up editing the posts, reworking the SEO keywords, and various other distractions.

Disgusted by all the additional work my website now requires, I jumped into a fresh sewing project:

Artist angrily attacking printer with saw and hammer

You Talking To Me?! Go Ahead.... Make My Day.

I want to create some tote bags featuring my artwork.
The original tote bag prototype will be my personal messenger bag for carrying packages to the post office.

So I purchased these nifty sew-able cotton fabric sheets created for ink-jet printers, as an alternative to iron-on transfers.

Unfortunately, my printer doesn’t like these nifty fabric sheets.
It refuses to print anything on them.

Whenever I try to feed the sheet, my printer kicks it out…
and then has the gall to demand REAL paper, by blinking its “paper out” light accusingly at me.

I’ve even tried tricking the printer:

I’ve loaded a few sheets of fine-art paper, slyly slipping in a sheet of fabric paper, and set it up to print multiple copies.

All the velvet art paper and premium presentation paper fed through and printed beautifully, but it spit that cotton fabric sheet out with distaste.

Googling for answers resulted in nada.

Plenty of folks on the planet are experiencing paper feeding issues with Epson printers… however mine isn’t acting in a similar fashion –
mauling the page to shreds or refusing to feed it entirely.

Rather mine feeds directly through, without stopping to print a dot of ink. 😛

Eventually my curiosity will overcome my deep well of frustration, and I’ll discover the secret to getting my printer to eat its vegetables.

But for now, iron-on transfers will have to suffice. via mobile smart phone

TaraFlyArt - On The Go via my mobile browser

Last week, Joe and I decided to reinvest in cell phones.

We’ve gone without these modern necessities for over two years, after my last contract expired.
I’ve never missed being shackled to mine.

The beauty of a cellphone is also its biggest drawback:
you can be reached anywhere, and are expected to be “on call” and willing to answer.

And as you know, among other things I have a fear of phones. 😛

Joe was required to get one for work, but what made me jump back on the bandwagon?

I was seduced by these “smart” phones that are essentially portable internet browsers.

Since my master plan involves getting out into public, and being prepared to promote myself, I wanted a nice way to show people my website and

I was also tempted by those folks who can Tweet “on the go”, instead of hours later when the news is less relevant.
Folks who can perform google searches or get questions answered in real-time while out shopping.

I’ve recently become addicted to Pandora, the internet radio station that tailors its song selection to your individual taste… and I wanted to bring it along for the ride.

Oh, and not to mention the convenience of accessing Paypal… and perhaps some on-the-spot selling. 😉

TaraFlyPhotos on Etsy via mobile smart phone browser

My Etsy Shop in a tiny screen, filled with tiny clickable links

For these reasons and more, I succumbed to the awesome sale on my Motorola Defy. Although after paying less than $20 for a phone retailed at $450, I felt insanely angry at the state of our economy.

It says volumes when a company has to practically pay customers to TAKE the product away…
Joe tells me to quit obsessing, and just be happy that I got a super great deal.

But this type of mentality bodes ill for everybody.
Who wants to pay for things anymore?

*sidestepping the tangent*

So after setting up my online profiles, downloading a couple apps, as well as adding music and images from my computer…
I tried to send a simple text message to Joe, reminding him to pick up a vacuum belt.

Q: How easy it is to send text messages?

A. Not very.

Q: How long does it take to find your own flipping phone number?

A: A very long time.

(*hint, it wasn’t under the account settings or phone status, where it should have been)

I can pop off a tweet or update my Facebook status with two clicks, but I spent half an hour trying to text my husband.
I was once the queen of text messaging… in another lifetime.

Accessing Facebook profile via browser on Motorola Defy

Interacting with Facebook pals is easy enough.

Don’t get me started on the convoluted contact list, which very nicely uploaded every single Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail acquaintance I have.
Try finding a real-life contact in all that mess?!

Oh, and this lovely feature called Touch Screen?
It’s highly sensitive.

That is an understatement.

A stray cat hair, that landed onto the screen from a drive-by shedding, actually turned on the Google Voice Search.

That was an exaggeration.
But just slightly.

I liked the phone when I realized I could access my Etsy shop and website,
with full color images and teensy-tiny links that you need razor-sharp nails to click on.

I fell in love with the phone when I plugged it into my car’s stereo, and played my favorite music on shuffle while driving to Joann Fabrics.

I married the phone when I could update all my social networks all at one time,
from anywhere.

But the honeymoon is over now, when I feel like a deceived fool trying to use this blasted phone…


But then again, this is 2011 – The Year of the Cat (or Rabbit), depending on your beliefs.

It is definitely not MY year.