Black Cat Eye digital painting by TaraFly in a frame

My oldest daughter has only been in third grade for a month, and she’s been reprimanded twice for talking in class. She swears, however, that she’s improved greatly…
“They yelled at me for talking a lot more last year.”
My dear, it’s only October.

She inherits this gene from my mother, and the incessant chatter can be really irritating. Before you make any further comparisons, I must defend myself by saying that my incessant, rambling thoughts are contained in my mind… and in my writing. If you read my 3,000 word blogs and ridiculously mundane Facebook posts, you’re only receiving half the story… because offline I’m typically quiet, and downright unsociable at times.

I am pleased to note, though, that her recent aptitude test scores revealed a reading level on par with an average seventh grader.
She inherited that from me… naturally. 😉

“You probably never got in trouble for anything, did you?” It wasn’t really a question, because she assumed I would say:
“Of course not! I was a good kid.” (like my husband does) … and I almost did.

Except that I suddenly recalled that it wasn’t true. I did get into trouble occasionally for forgetting to finish my homework. I also received a couple disappointing grades on assignments that felt like a slap on my face… although admittedly, I was rushing to complete them at 1:30 in the morning… the same morning they were due. 😛

Truth be told, I’ve suffered from procrastination my entire life. And my poor kids will probably never outgrow their ability to talk a deaf mule’s ears off.
The only thing one can do is harness it, somehow, and make it work for you.

Take my loathing to complete time-sensitive tasks for example… you can look at my situation two ways.
I’m either always late, or I’m incredibly early.

Last year, when my artist friends were rushing around being productive, preparing for “the season” with their calendars and Halloween-Turkey-Yuletide masterpieces…
I was painting holiday-free fare like Composer Cat (a commission, granted), Indian Sari Cat, and the veeeery summer invoking “Gazing Upon Pemberley”… the photomanipulation I decided to create in November.
Well, I did toss out “Trick Or Treat Kittens” at the eleventh hour, and sold it on eBay to a UCLA faculty member.
But two of my creepiest pieces weren’t created until December and January… long after the Halloween decorations were taken down or baked into pumpkin pies.

When the wrapping paper and ribbon goes on clearance, it’s my cue to get festive … nothing wrong with that, right? I now have four dark and scary pieces already in my Etsy shop, freshly re-photographed, and starring in Halloween treasuries.

Except that I still haven’t prepared anything for winter. I guess the dread of snowfall doesn’t inspire me.. and so I’ve been dreaming about spring flowers instead.

Pen and ink sketch drawing illustration of Regency Cat by TaraFly

Miss Jane Bennet gathering flowers in a gentle summer breeze.

This is the character profile I drew for Jane Bennet, dressed in light outerwear and shawl, carrying a picked bouquet in her basket.
She is more than a pen sketch now… I’m digitally painting a wooden texture for the picket fence behind her.
So far, I haven’t resorted to photographic textures, but I still might decide to use one for her dress.

Jane Bennet Regency Cat illustration by TaraFly

She, along with Mr. Bingley on horseback, will be appearing in my shop soon, and will patiently sit and wait for the frost to thaw and tulips to bloom.. and they will be right on time.

As often as I’ve talked about moving to Canada, I think we’d be better off heading south to Australia instead.
The flowers are blooming there now. 🙂