fine art prints, supplies, in the storage closet

Main shelf in the storage closet. Prints. Supplies. Yep.

I went shopping for groceries yesterday, and found a plastic crate and a file organizer, which inspired me to tidy up the art studio.  The supply-slash-storage closet anyhow.

The file holder works fabulously for my finished prints, and I’m storing the remainder of my acrylic stretched canvases inside the crate… along with a couple blank canvases unearthed while cleaning! Yay!

stretched canvas acrylic paintings, art paper

My canvas paintings and packs of art paper.

They are being stored inside acid-free cellophane bags, which – in addition to the varnish – will hopefully protect them from dust or stray moisture… you know,  just in case my closet is actually a portal to some alternate fantasy world covered in snow.  With pipe-playing fawns and talking badgers.

greeting cards, paper, canvas, art supplies

Greeting cards, yarn, glue gun... oh yeah.

This may not look tidy to most neat-freaks, but it’s the best it can possibly be… without help from a professional. 😉
One of my Resolutions for 2010 was to “thoroughly organize my studio”, so I’ve managed to complete 1/10th of my goals by March! lol Not too shabby for someone who generally scoffs at this New Year tradition.

It was a huge undertaking for me, however, as I’m an accomplished pack-rat and extremely disorganized… my brain thinks in messy terms, where clutter is the native language.  It remains to be seen whether I can function now in this space.

my art table, acrylic paints, palette, black cat tail

I cleared everyone's junk off MY art table! Dominic can stay.

While I still have a few ounces of this cleanliness-inducing chemical (figuratively) coursing through my veins, I should take the opportunity to update my shopping venues (Etsy, Artfire, 1000 Markets)… because once the mood passes, it might take months.
  Yes, I’m taking a break from the aggravating website overhaul – which needs to be completed no later than next Friday.
And, yes, I have at least 3 art projects – Ballet Cats, The Swing (working title), and my 16×20 Venus acrylic – that are patiently waiting  for me to finish them.  None of these are commissioned, by the way.  If a customer places an order, I upgrade them to top priority… which is another extension of my procrastinating, scatter-brained nature.  Deadlines need to be clearly fixed.
 Don’t ever say, “There’s no rush… take your time”, unless you aren’t expecting to receive it for six months, because I’ll take you literally. 😉

 To understand the way my mind works, one need only read through these posts… it’s haphazard, easily distracted, follows every tangent, and gets lost in thought, until finally winding its way back to the original point.  Similar to a cat’s famed short-term memory.
…Leading me on yet another tangent, I Googled “cat’s memory” and (barring all the references to Lloyd Webber, haha) came across this interesting article in Wikipedia relating to cat brains: the physical similarities to human brains, and studies in cat intelligence.  Ever curious to learn oddball bits of information, I’m constantly Googling and reading articles online… the internet is very distracting for me in a professional capacity.

My fellow artist, Jessica Doyle, justifiably prides herself on a well-kept blog… its success, she claims, is partially due to being organized in her writing and keeping to certain topics.   As inspiring as that goal is, I realize it will never happen for me.  If I waited until my thoughts coalesced into a “suitable” blog topic, my writing would be even more sparse than last year’s contributions!  I write whenever I feel moved to write, paint when I’m inspired to paint, and drudge through CSS coding the rest of the time because it needs to be done also, hehe. 
  My blog will always be an extension of whatever thoughts and ideas have captured my attention, although I can attempt to mold them into a particular theme… the theme will ultimately be “Who is TaraFly?”
  Perhaps writing these blog posts is just another form of procrastination… to avoid undertaking the dreaded profile summary.

Now what was it exactly that I planned to do next?