my status summary for 2009

My Life According to FaceBook

Here were the highlights of my life in 2009, according to Facebook.
Not surprising that cats and kids were the predominant theme. But now we’re officially living in 2010, and I’ve already celebrated what some people would consider to be a milestone – my 30th birthday!

We didn’t make a huge deal out of it though. I even forgot to request the day off from work; January 2nd fell on a Saturday this year. I continue to work Thursdays and Saturdays to bring home our bacon money – actually, I recently saw bacon priced at $4.98 for a pound, so I might need a raise soon.
Anyway, I baked myself a cake (and cupcakes for the kids) before heading to work. When I returned, Joe made tacos for me, and I managed to snag ONE taco before the beasties dug their faces and hands into the serving dishes and scattered shredded cheese and diced tomatoes all over the carpet. Mia also likes to take ONE bite from each taco shell, like a signature mark. LOL

Which reminds me; I promised to divulge this awesome homemade tortilla recipe I found, but rather than copying it out here, I’ll link to Lisa’s blog post –
The Homesick Texan as her recipes and stories deserve to be shared!

I feel no differently than I did 3 weeks ago, or 6 months ago… I was hoping to find at least one grey hair, or noticable wrinkles, to substantiate all the stress these creatures put me through. No such luck. Honestly, when working as a retail manager, I couldn’t wait to “look old” so that customers would take me seriously.
Nevermind the fact that I don’t take myself seriously; quite the opposite, I revel in being eccentric and goofy. However, there was always this awkward moment when a customer would ask,
“Could I speak to the person in charge?” …. to which I was forced to take a breath and reply,
“I AM the person in charge. And I’m able to help you (…believe it or not).”
Countless, immeasurable times I’ve been dismissed without a glance… as a customer in need of answers makes a beeline for the nearest middle-aged adult sporting salt and pepper.
Ironically, one such incident left the woman embarrassed, as she singled out a 50-ish employee who had just recently been hired.
“I’m sorry, but I’m still new here. You really should ask my boss over there… she could answer all your questions.”
And she pointed over the lady’s shoulder, at me! The customer turned back, blinked twice, and seemed visibly shaken. Yes, the 26-year-old girl (who looked 16, hehe) holding the pricing gun in her hand, was in charge. Oh boy.

How about when they ask,
“You probably can’t answer this, but years ago they sold a product called Junket that people used to make ice-cream…”
“Yes, of course, we carry it [here] with the ice-cream toppings and cones.”
Does being in your 20’s mean that you can’t comprehend the art of homemade frozen treats, outside the commercial realm of Dairy Queen and Ben and Jerry’s?
If adding a few grey hairs would make me appear more knowledgable and worthy of leadership, then hand over that bottle of Ben Nye! Right?

Ironically, as a teenager my goal was to become an actress. Most actresses take pride in their youthful appearance, and the obvious blessings of my slim figure and greyless hair would keep me marketable for another 5 years at least. hehe

However, I’ve chosen an entirely different path, one that doesn’t require youth and beauty, or age and experience. Rather, I am called upon to re-create my crazy view of our world, seen through a furry filter. I’ve come full circle from my childhood, and embraced this feline obsession as something that makes me unique in a good way. I’m proud of who I am, but how does each passing year affect me?

Currently, I feel slightly displaced and behind the curve. Many of my peers have long since decided upon their careers, and have dedicated years to advancing their skills… I feel left behind, and the effort it will take to close that gap seems overwhelming.

Facebook’s ability to reconnect us with former classmates is akin to watching an episode of VH1’s “Where Are They Now?”, except in reverse. Watching rising stars. like Libby Picken, whom I knew from junior high in Bowie, MD. She was determined, even at 14, that she would become a singer – “Driven” some might say – and worked very hard to market herself and develop her voice.
It has certainly paid off for her, as her latest endeavor LazerBitch is a successful Baltimore electro punk band – her music plays in all the hottest clubs – and they’ve started to expand with performances in major U.S. cities, such as NYC and Austin.

LazerBitch’s first major music video:

A fellow artist whom I’ve been following religiously on Facebook is Jasmine Becket Griffith. She is also 30 years old, and while we were both anticipating our high school graduations, she was beginning her career painting her now-famous gothic fairies and selling her first works on eBay.
I, on the other hand, was poorly acting in school plays, deciding whether to move to Minnesota, attend a performing-arts school, or get a job and my own apartment. I chose the job – to gain independence, entered into the world of retail, and have struggled to find my soul again for the last 10 years.

Jasmine worked briefly at Dairy Queen, but quickly decided she would rather become a successful artist… and now with over 6,000 sales on eBay alone – she not only supports herself and her husband with her art career, but also hired her brother-in-law to work for her full-time. Her work is licensed by Target, Hot Topic, The Hamilton Collection, and the Bradford Exchange… just to name a few.

….Which brings to mind just one burning question; I wonder if Jasmine, the former Blizzard Queen, has ever heard of Junket? 😉