I’m hosting a give-away with some incredibly cool prizes, and I thought Steppie had a great idea to promote using Facebook and video.
Unfortunately, someone with a lack of video-editing skills, and a propensity to ramble… blame it on genetics (thanks Mom!)… probably should be barred from posting on YouTube.
My children and cats also worked against me, taking every opportunity to distract me, and causing a ten minute video to take an entire afternoon. Well, I wasn’t able to actually condense it down to ten minutes, which is YouTube’s maximum time limit… so instead, I split it into two halves.

First Half:

Second Half:

If rambling videos don’t suit your style, the contest summary is here:

The Give-away contest starts now, and ends at noon, Sunday the 29th of November.
There will be three winners, chosen by a name drawing.

  • Each winner receives one of three prizes:
  • …a geisha cat painting on fine-art paper,
  • …a custom fantasy portrait,
  • …and the winner’s choice of a open-edition print from one of my shops.

To enter the contest:
You need to become a fan of my Facebook fan page.
And secondly, please let me know you wish to be entered in the drawing.
You can comment on my Facebook Wall, or here on my blog. You can Twitter me, E-mail me, or Convo Me.

To gain additional entries into the contest (this was Steppie’s idea also):
You can promote my Fanpage and contest – on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, Etsy forum, refer your friends to become fans.
Send me the link where you mentioned me, use @taraflyphotos or #taraflyphotos in your tweets, or have your friends mention your
name when joining.
When you spread the word about the contest, I’ll add another entry for you. 🙂

I will be videotaping the drawing on Sunday; the video will be uploaded to YouTube and posted here, and the contest winners will be notified. I’ll require shipping addresses to send the prizes.

Important Note: I hold the rights to my artwork, and do not authorize anyone to reproduce and/or distribute my pieces for commercial purposes. The winner of the custom portrait may, however, make personal copies for family and friends.

Good luck to everyone!!!!!