September 2009

Lily is spending most of her time keeping him company, since he is locked inside a cage now (to keep from injuring himself further).
She posted a few notes on Etsy to update us:

“We spent an hour talking with our vet, Dr. Deb of Innisfail Vet Services, about Sam’s condition ~ she had an extensive consultation with the specialist surgeon in Red Deer, Alberta regarding the operation to move Sam’s pelvis/hips and pin the bones …

The surgeon has decided that we should wait one week before operating on Sam ~ he said that he has weighed up the operation versus the possible complications of the operation and wants to see if there is any chance that the bones will “fuse” themselves in the position that they are in ~ there are pluses and minuses to both situations and now it is a waiting game to see how Sam does.”

The cause of injuries was due to massive force to his rear-end, “causing his whole pelvis area and part of his spine to move forward considerably”. Basically, a dirt-bag kicked him in the butt… HARD.

“[The vets] believe that it was inflicted by someone kicking him, not a vehicle or other animal as there was no external damage, fur loss, bite or puncture wounds to the area ~
Sam is an incredibly friendly boy, trusts everyone and will go to anyone for a pet.
Unfortunately it seems like he trusted or tried to befriend the wrong person this time.”

The wonderful folks of Etsy have really pulled together on behalf of Lily’s cat, Sam. I am blessed to belong to such an amazing group of crafters!

Here is a list of sellers who are actively donating sales profits towards Sammy’s care:

MoLStationery: 65% of all MoL book sales and 75% of all graphics sales.. plus matching donations by 50%

Chicadolly & Faeriegood: 25% of all sales profits this week

GenuineArticle & GenuineArt: 50% of the proceeds from both Etsy shops

Glasscircus: 25% of sales

Aztek721: 50% of any photo sales

Adornyourself: 100% of the purchase price of a mug

Dearange: 100% of the purchase price of Fancy Wearables (as seen on Sammy and Koru)

LittleJumpingBeans: 40% of all the sales from shoes this weekend

WindandHoney: 15% of September’s sales

Deersprite: 10% of all sales (pre-shipping) until the end of September, off the REGULAR price. (If you mention “Sammy” in the message to seller, she will also give you a 10% discount – but Sammy will still get the 10% of the original price.)

Laurart: 15% for each sale. (She will donate an extra 5% if the customer mentions in the note how they’ve helped shed light on this animal in need, via Twitter or blogging.)

Meherio68: 50 % of all sales from now on and until the end of September.

Sybillinart: 50% of the sales of her cat related items.

Asecondtime: profits from the sales of “Dirty Paw Pendant” and “Dirty Bone Pendant”.

LuminousDreamDesigns: profit from the sale of “Bulbous Bertha (Woodland Bird)” prints.

TheBeadedHound: 10% of sales for the rest of the month.

GreyTDogz: proceeds from the sale of Custom Pet Themed Digital Photo Page.

RayneeDeigh: 40% of all sales before shipping.

As well as “The Letter” and “Mr. Darcy” print sales from my Etsy shop, (my two most popular prints ..and Lily’s favorite pieces!)

So many great shops are involved! With Christmas just around the corner, why not start your holiday shopping early… pick up a handcrafted goody for someone special, and help someone in need!

This list may be updated/revised… you can check out this forum thread on Etsy for an current list of participating sellers (and updates from Lily).


I’ve had two or three cheesy blog ideas floating around in my head, and until one hour ago I was planning to poke innocent fun at IvyLaneDesigns’ recycled grocery box journals.
However, after reading some disturbing news that a friend posted on Facebook, I’m not feeling humorous anymore.

TwoStrayCats owner, Lily, took her beloved cat Sam to the vet today, after injuries he suffered left them wondering if he’d been struck by a car.  After an exam, including X-rays, the doctor came to the conclusion that Sam had been brutally kicked by some vicious, horrible person… the internal damage warrants surgery that will cost well over $1,000.
This news comes on the heels of Carolyn’s termination from her substitute teaching position, after having missed too many assignments due to personal illness.  As the co-owner of Bellasana Stables, her income was crucial in managing the farm.  The money she brought in by boarding horses and teaching riding lessons is drying up, as people are no longer to afford such luxuries in these times. Some of her customers are selling their horses at auctions, and Carolyn wonders about the fate of her own. 

Circumstances such as these leave me in a state of hopelessness, and frustration.  I feel a strong desire to help, yet my hands are tied financially… I will, however, donate the profits of these prints (until further notice):

8×10 Photo Print of “The Letter” $10.00 … profits will be donated towards Lily’s vet bills.

8×10 Photo Print of “Mr. Darcy Dominic” $10.00 … profits will go to Lily.

8×10 Print on Premium Matte Photo Paper $10.00 … profits will go towards Bellasana Stables.

8×10 Glossy Photo Giclee $15.00 … profits will go towards Bellasana Stables.

If your tastes lean towards domestic soft-lines… TwoStrayCats has gorgeous
pillows, baby blankets, and stuffed things worth checking out!  She also donates part of her profits to Animal Rescue charities. Purchasing from her shop would be a win/win for many animals, including Sam!

If anyone is interested in volunteering or donating directly to Bellasana Stables, please contact Carolyn.
She will also be hosting a few fundraisers shortly in the Western Maryland/WV Panhandle area… if anyone would like more info on where/when, please message either of us.  I may not get around to updating this blog in time.
Thank you! We appreciate it! 🙂

Bellasana Stables

Bellasana Stables

My childhood was populated by a race of imaginary, winged cats that rivaled horses in their size. One gigantic white cat in particular, Cottonpuff, accompanied me on my various adventures, and I narrowly escaped from the evil clutches of my enemies by taking to the sky on her enormous, furry back. Real horses, however, were a bit too intimidating for me…. and I never had a desire to own or ride one.
Perhaps it was their reputation for throwing riders and kicking people. My cousin lost a couple teeth from being thrown at horseback-riding camp… and she was lucky. Riding a horse is not comparable to riding a bicycle, obviously. Horses are animals. They have their own set of behaviours, temperament, and mood-swings.
They can experience emotions such as fear, annoyance, anger, rebelliousness, and even defiance. You are at their mercy.
Ironically, despite my own reservations (or perhaps because of them), a reoccurring theme in my friendships has been: Scorpios and horse-people. My two closest friends were both.

Curious About Baby Mia... "What's This?"

Curious About Baby Mia... "What's This?"

The bond between a human and a horse is an awesome thing to witness; horses are incredibly loyal and loving towards their people. I was also surprised to find how docile they can be around children… as a mom, watching my kids reach out to grab the face and fur of a beast large enough to chomp their arms off and devour them whole..
(yes, I know they are vegetarians)… is a bit unsettling. My two daughters are fascinated by horses, and not in the least bit afraid.
I’ve taken my children to Bellasana Stables, in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, and chased after Mia, as she ran straight into the field to get up close and personal with them.

Mia and Fury

Mia and Fury

The stables are owned and operated by Carolyn Cabral and her partner, Jason. She and I were best friends in school… together we formed the Ghost of the Pot Roast, an inside joke that survived long after graduation, and enjoyed an online presence for over six years.
Born on October 28th, the Scorpion Carolyn (who almost became a pumpkin pot roast) has owned and raised horses since I’ve known her. She attended Wilson College, an all-female, private college in Chambersburg, PA, primarily for their equine studies… they even allowed students to board a horse on campus. She graduated with degrees in Psychology, Sociology, Equine Facilitated Therapeutics, and Peace and Conflict Studies.
Since graduating, Carolyn has worked in a variety of fields in search of her calling. She’s assisted her vet as a tech, worked with people who have developmental disabilities and as a corrections counselor for youth at risk. She’s been a trail guide, run summer riding camps, and most recently served as a substitute teacher and college professor.

She opened Bellasana Stables in 2005 to incorporate her multiple college degrees, with a deep desire to rescue horses from unfavorable situations, providing them with a chance to grow and thrive in a caring environment. Although not every horse residing at the stables is “a rescue”, many are. They include ex-racehorses, as well as abused and starved animals.
She says, “I wanted to create a place where both horses and people could heal. We rescue and rehabilitate horses and work with people who have physical, mental, and/or emotional disabilities.” Some of the horses she currently keeps have made amazing physical and emotional progress since being in her care.

SkyDancer prints available on Etsy

SkyDancer prints available on Etsy

One such horse is Fury, the star of my winged unicorn photo-manipulation. He was recovered from a terminally ill owner who couldn’t care for him any longer. When he arrived at Carolyn’s farm, he was undernourished and had suffered injuries from other horses trampling him when he got caught in a fence.

Unfortunately, Carolyn has recently experienced some medical issues of her own, has been hospitalized and is now on bed rest. We spoke about the future of her farm, as I know she worked long hours to keep things running smoothly.
“We have to pay for everything out of pocket. We have moved several times due to the land we rented being bought for development.” she says. I was aware that she was attempting to gain non-profit status… however becoming a non-profit apparently “is a long process and requires a sizable fee to the government. We have not yet obtained status because we need to raise the necessary funds so we are currently funding the whole operation ourselves.”

Portrait of a Horse

Portrait of a Horse

After spending a lovely, sunny day with Jacob and Mia at the stables, and taking some awesome photographs (for later photo-manip projects).. I decided to offer my horse-related pieces for sale, beginning with “SkyDancer”, with all profits going back to Bellasana. The majority of her funding comes from her and Jason’s “real” jobs… that is, until her doctor put her on bed rest. They also board horses for a fee, give horseback-riding lessons and train horses, as well as hold fundraisers.
Lydia and I had a neat opportunity to participate in a Equiessance musical performance last October: horse dancing choreographed to music. She rode in the children’s group to some basic routines, and I dressed up as the story’s narrator.

She has a great team of volunteers, including her friends and family… but is always looking for more helping hands!

Horse Kisses

Horse Kisses

If you’re interested in volunteering, making a donation, or visiting Bellasana stables: you can contact her via   And don’t forget to check out my animal fundraising section on Etsy for “SkyDancer” and any future additions to the series.