Etsy featured Melaniefaveau’s bread tag jewelry last night, and the sheer quirkiness of the idea inspired me to actually compose a blog. Wow! That must’ve been some muse, huh? Actually, I’ve long been a fan of casting simple foods in a strange light… harking back to my “Ghost in the Pot Roast” days.
In high school, my best friend and I had a series of jokes pertaining to food.
Peanut butter was the code name for a guy I liked, she composed a poem entitled “Celery String Shampoo”, together we began writing a play called “We’ll Kill Them with Cheese Crackers”, and we nicknamed ourselves “The Potato and the Carrot”, ingredients in the Pot Roast Ghost. Funny, even then, Carolyn’s vegan side won out, because the Pot Roast was meat-less. LOL

Of course, it’s no surprise I find plenty of humor from the years I’ve spent working retail in grocery stores… so a blog about The Fabulous Food Humor of Etsy was right up my alley!

Here are Melanie’s Bread Tags

(the “expiration date” is customizable, and necklaces are also available)

Browsing The Grocery Aisles of Etsy

A T-Bone Steak pillow by Zaennabanana. She also sells round-eye pillows… and meat ornaments!

Meatloaf TV dinner pendant by ItsAllAboutThePrint.

Fortune Cookie slippers by Sushibooties. For folks like me, who hang out in our PJs all day… and the “fortune” is customizable! How cool is that?!?

Blueberry pie hat by GrannysGarden123. The ice cream sundae hat, with syrup and a cherry on top, was cute too!

Cereal Necklace by Shayaaron. She makes lots of miniature food items, including noodle soup necklaces and tuna-salad sandwich stud earrings!

Of course, Etsy is huge! And there are many, many more artists creating funny food treasures who weren’t featured here. Perhaps I’ll continue this blog as a series, and title it “Wednesday’s Dinner Night with Etsy” LOL!

I recall my only foray into designer food jewelry..

I was working my customer service job at Ben Frankin Crafts, where I found daily inspiration to indulge my creative urges. It was through that job and the encouragement of my co-workers, that I first stepped outside my traditional painting niche, to explore embroidery, floral and wreath arranging, origami, stenciling, and decoupage. I later took the series of Wilton cake decorating classes, and left BF to become a wedding cake decorator in a bakery. But I digress….
One day at work, while browsing the dollhouse miniature aisle… contemplating the amount of money and effort one can easily put into the hobby… I saw the cutest miniature, metal frying pans – complete with tiny eggs and bacon sizzling inside. There was a small hole in the handle, perfect for attaching French hoop earring wires. So I purchased two frying pans, and made myself a set of earrings as a joke.

I only wore them for a couple days, before a friend of mine took interest and wanted a pair for herself. I gave her mine. (Neither of us worried about germs and such things)… She offered to pay for them, but I didn’t take it seriously.
Looking back, I could’ve opened my Etsy shop right then, and made a fortune selling frying-pan earrings. No doubt, it’s too late now.

Wearing my handmade frying pan earrings
Here’s a blurry picture taken of me wearing the earrings. (See, already I was practicing for those Etsy thumbnails!)

Honestly, I don’t have the desire to be a jewelry seller. Aside from the fierce competition (art is competitive too!), I’m just not that into jewelry. I’ve spent alot of money on earrings and pendants over the years, and have had even more money spent on me (as gifts)… but they tend to suffer the same fate as the men in my life. I use them for a few days, and then discard them into a drawer and forget their existence. Eventually, I either give them away or lose them.
Fussing with earrings requires that additional 3 minutes of primping, that my lazy low-maintainance self just can’t seem to muster.
People are just fortunate that I care enough to brush my teeth, and shower with my luxurious handmade, Etsy soap. 😛

Now, those fortune cookie slippers, on the other hand… Those are definitely on my Christmas wish list!
“Fortune warms the feet and heart” – Me