I’ve been contemplating a new blog since last Wednesday, but I’ve been consumed by my latest project – painting acrylic portraits of cats in Regency dress. The first one I completed was “Red Coat Dominic”, wearing a British 19th century uniform. He reminded me of Col. Brandon in the portrait, but devilish Dom swaggers more like Mr. Wickham. 😀 He’s for sale right now in my Etsy shop www.taraflyphotos.etsy.com.
Here’s my latest work-in-progess… I’ve actually completed a bit more of him, but my camera batteries were dead this afternoon (too many Etsy photo shoots!) so while I’m waiting for them to recharge, I’ll discuss another excellent Etsy seller:

I think I first discovered Starless.etsy.com through an Etsy-finds e-mail, and when I saw her delightful koi pendants, I had to check out her shop.

She creates the koi, water, lilypads, and flowers all from polymer clay.. look at the lovely pattern of the sparkling water; she rolled all those strands of clay by hand. Clay is something I’ve always been fascinated with, but haven’t used since I was a little girl. Seeing works like this inspire me to dip my paws back into it… Works like Starless’ however take real talent.

Just take a look at this lovely jewelry box with the clay koi pond cover! Just imagine the hours of meticulous work that went into sculpting all those details! It’s the loveliest jewelry box I’ve ever seen.

She recently finished college with a degree in biology, and says that selling on Etsy is a fun hobby while she searches for a “real job”… I believe she’s already found her calling and just doesn’t realize it yet. 😉 There are too many biologists in the world today. We need more koi pendant sculpters!

An update on my last blog: I finally purchased some soap from Seaspritesoaps.etsy.com
and I must say, it was well worth it! She even sent me free samples. Whoo hoo! The Honeysuckle soap smelled delightful, but more importantly, it kept my rough hands soft for hours afterwards. 🙂

And just in case my two readers may worry that my cynical, sarcastic view of the world has waned in the glow of Etsy-goodness, it hasn’t! Fear not! I have plenty of ravings scratching from within my skin, trying desparately to break free and run rampant across the pages of this blog… I’ve merely kept them tranquilized for the last couple days with large vats of coffee and Capt’n Crunch Cereal.