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Occasionally I find humor in my job. Such is the case when a new or existing product catches my attention, due to it’s odd name or description.

A few months ago, when our cereal floor-plan was re-configured and more square-footage was given to Kashi brands, I discovered the cereal called “Good Friends”. The box depicts the faces of two smiling women, and it advertises the ability to provide consumers with up to 30% of their daily fiber needs.

Good Friends cereal box image

Something about this cereal stumps me… why call it “Good Friends”? I began asking co-workers (quite innocently, mind you) if they’d “ever eaten Good Friends…”
A few people recognized the brand, but I mainly received confused and startled expressions – “Huh? WHAT did you say?”
Although nothing that ventures from my mouth should surprise anyone… “Only you” they comment with a head shake.
Showing them the box didn’t help; the implications that come from two smiling women’s faces… “They eat Good Friends every morning and feel great!”

I decided this would be a great topic for a random street interview – I could picture myself walking up to strangers and asking:
— “Have you ever eaten Good Friends? No? Well, Good Friends are extremely healthy for you…they’re high in fiber”
— “Hello, sir, did you know that eating Good Friends can provide you with a third of your daily fiber needs? It’s true, have Good Friends for breakfast…”

I would love to try it sometime, but I don’t own a camcorder at present, and I feel the spontaneity MUST be caught on film. Perhaps Kashi should consider using the idea as a commercial… *hint, hint – folks in Kashi land*

Another product I recently examined a bit more closely was Ak-mak crackers. I had ordered them and stocked them on a regular basis without really taking the time to learn about them. I only knew they were an ethnic cracker (originating from the Middle East somewhere) and they were in the “Healthy” section – pure ingredients, no
One evening, I was in the stockroom, and a fellow dept. manager walked by and noticed a couple cases on the shelf.
“What’s Ak-mak?”
I wanted to say it was a Klingon dessert, but I held my tongue. Some people might take offense. I told them what I knew, and then my curiosity overwhelmed me, so I opened the case and started reading the box cover.

“Made from 100% Whole of the Wheat”…. Whole of the Wheat?? Does anyone say that? Why, it’s a Wheat-hole!
And thus, my new expletive was born. I can now refer to people as “wheat-holes” and sound insulting whilst still leave them scratching their heads.

Of course, the back of the box had a picture diagram of a wheat kernel, the various parts, and stated that the manufacturer uses the entire kernel to make the wheat flour. Wouldn’t that simply be called “Whole Wheat”?
It’s probably just a glitch in the translation or something. Actually, their website is quite interesting… www.Akmak Bakeries.com …. I’m almost tempted to buy some myself.

I wonder if they provide as much fiber, and pleasure, as eating good friends??